Rachel “Elizabeth Ray” Franck


As a child, I was very sick. Growing up, I constantly had broken bones, stress fractures, bloated and severe stomach pain, no period, joint pain, low blood sugar, and cripling depression. For years these problems persisted. Even after going to different doctors, no one could figure out what was wrong with me. It wasn't until I was 19, when a friend of mine was diagnosed with Celiac disease. She informed me that her symptoms were similar to mine. So I underwent testing, which showed I had Celiac disease. I changed my diet and lifestyle immediately with little knowledge about my condition. After going gluten-free my conditioned eased up, but I was still having major complications. I was at high risk for uterine cancer, still no period, passing out at least 2 times a day from low blood sugar, bloated and severe stomach pain persisted.  

Just 3 years ago I discovered ketogenic dieting. This is a diet consisting of eating healthy fats, low carb, and moderate protein. After just a few months of implementing the diet, I started my period for the first time at age 22, my bloating went down in my face and belly, my joint pain went away, my bones finally healed, my depression eased up, and I no longer have blood sugar crashes that prevented me from driving. 

The low-carb / healthy ketogenic diet has saved my life. This is how I became so passionate for clean eating and eating low carb. I started Rays The Valley, because I was upset with the food industry, and I missed bread! Even the gluten-free foods on the market today are not healthy. Loaded with SUGAR!  I wish to share with you affordable, clean, and safe food products. The food I sell are the foods that helped me heal. I hope you enjoy Rays The Valley foods as much as I do.