Unhealthy Keto.....

Goals, perspective, knowledge, success, long term strategies. These all sound like investment terms, and they are. But, I am not describing a portfolio or an IRA. I'm talking about diets. Lifestyle and diet changes are investments, and should be treated as such. They should be well researched, and strategic to ensure your success. Too often I see just plain BAD investments, dietary and financially.

What are your goals when starting a diet? Is it to lose 10 pounds, have one too many cheat days, then after a month end up heavier than you started. Or is it to learn what your body needs, and use this knowledge to heal. With all investments there's smart ways to do it, and unedicated ways. If you are reading this blog, you already know i'm a big fan of ketogenic dieting, and have been doing it for over 3 years now. But there's things I have been seeing that worry me with how the diet/lifestyle is viewed by the general public. Burnt cheese pizza crust, hot dogs with pork rinds, salami crackers, sugar free energy drinks, sugar free coffee creamer, exuberant amount of processed meat, these are BAD investments. Yes, they won't "kick you out of ketosis," but they aren't beneficial to your future. And give a bad image to the ketogenic lifestyle.

Avoiding sugar, and unessential carbohydrates is only one piece of the puzzle. There are so many things to consider when trying to construct a proper diet, especially ketogenic. It's not just what fuel your body is running on, or how much weight you've lost. Inflammation, hormones, gut microbiome, eating times, are all important. And they are affected by the foods you eat. These topics listed will be touched on in a future blog. 

Lchf diets are NOT for everyone. But for many of us, a proper ketogenic diet has REAL science to back its benefits. I am constantly finding new articles about another study that found it to be beneficial. I want to share it with everyone, so others can find the benefit in it. But i'm afraid the public is slow to change its views. The food pyramid, saturated fats cause heart disease, dietary cholesterol is bad, you need carbs for energy, calories in calories out,  these are all old beliefs that are STILL widely accepted.

Posting your paper plate filled with bacon and microwaved cheese, obsessing over your "macro ratios," being terrified of some fruit. When people see and hear these things, I can understand why a person, who has only been taught the traditional carb based diet, would be skeptical to ever consider a lchf lifestyle.

It's time to assess our "investment," and eat for our future health and well being, not eat to type calories into your fitness app on your smart phone. We need to understand that just being on a ketogenic diet does not mean you are healthy, even if you've lost weight. Its a biological game, NOT a numbers game.

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